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Are you crazy about flamenco guitar?

That’s good, because so am I! I created this blog because there are a lot of topics to talk about around the flamenco guitar. Tips, guides, mini-documentaries… you will find all this content in the form of complete blog articles on

Beginner in Flamenco Guitar?

Here is a selection of resources to learn how to play flamenco guitar:

learn flamenco rumba book

Here is an example of a chord progression that I play and that you will find in the book “31 Rumba Flamenco Chord Progressions“:

My Last Video:

Questions about the equipment & accessories?

Here are some articles that will help you choose your flamenco guitar and everything that goes with it!

Want to discover the flamenco culture?

Some articles to discover the world of the flamenco guitar:

What we often hear about flamenco guitar:

It’s very technical

Indeed, it is a technical style. But with patience and perseverance, some styles like rasgueado can be very satisfying to achieve.

It brings back the sun

Yes, of course, flamenco means Spain, and Spain means sunshine! The warm and typical sound of a flamenco guitar plays there a lot.

It’s enchanting

When you play with 100% concentration, you enter a state of “flow” and you can play for hours without realizing it.

It’s rich

Absolutely! Rich in flamenco styles called “Palos”, rich in culture, and rich in emotions!

About me tom author

Tom, author of the blog

Fell into the flamenco guitar in 2016

It was Christmas in 2016. I was 17 years old and my grandparents offered me a surprise gift: a classical guitar!

To learn the guitar, I searched for online lessons on YouTube and stumbled upon this video. I discovered the rumba compas and it was one of the first things I learned with my guitar. Then I discovered, logically, the flamenco guitar.